Lisa Meneguzzo & Oddo Print Shop

A convicted rapist and murderer’s Torrington girlfriend  is Lisa Meneguzzo, owner of Oddo Print Shop, 142 E. Main St., Torrington, CT.

Many Torringtonians have no idea the colorful personalities we have in our little town.  Generally people don’t know or care what is printed in the newspapers or plastered on hot dog stands.  We don’t read who gets arrested, and if we happen to hear about something in the paper we almost certainly don’t read past the charges.  And if someone’s name is cleared in a jury trial or by judge’s ruling those events won’t appear in the Register Citizen.

But the arrests are.  And sometimes the police and the newspaper want to malign and shock the community and put in a picture of those arrested.  But when a Torrington native tries to break a man out of prison then wins immunity from prosecution by testifying, for example, that she smuggled a telephone with naked pictures of herself into prison, as reported by WSB-TV, that story escapes the Register Citizen.  When the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that she bribed prison guards with money earned in her Torrington business and traveled to visit the rapist and murderer in prison at least seven times our local news is silent.

Brian Nichols killed a Judge, an FBI agent, a Sheriff Deputy, a court reporter and a bystander in his escape from his rape trial in Georgia.  Lisa Meneguzzo must have decided that was a reason to become his “girlfriend” which is what happened according to several news sources.  But when national news sources report that Lisa Meneguzzo did not remember hours of phone conversations recorded by the FBI with the cop killer detailing the outside of the prison we heard nothing from our local news.

Lisa Meneguzzo, who Fox News calls the cop killer’s girlfriend is our neighbor. And I need to decide if Torrington deserves to know more about what the Associated Press reported about our native daughter: “Nichols’ girlfriend, Lisa Meneguzzo, played a key role in the plot, coming up with cash, writing letters to Nichols and doing research for him”.

Does Torrington benefit by knowing more about Oddo Printshop?  Should we ask to hear the story of the soft side of mass murderer Brian Nichols from this woman?  And if so will our local newspaper tell the complete story?

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