• Libertarianism, like democracy and republicanism are admired principles of government.  Democrats are no more democratic than the rest of us, and Republicans have no more admiration for the Republic than any […]

  • is called Alarmism, Your race is doing better than ever before, and you are looking for problems. That is fine, but every time your race finds clear and evident problems your race finds solutions as well. Polar […]

  • I am Libertarian, so my interest in government is more about giving people freedom than taking away rights and freedoms we already have.

    Left over from Prohibition are draconian and nonsensical laws against […]

  • A non-partisan reaction to the  essay by Speaker Arisimowicz which has been called a concise description why the Connecticut Republican budget which recently passed is a disaster. [Shown after the […]

  • This has NOTHING to do with Obamacare.

    I have no idea why this is not screamed from the mountaintops:  Our Healthcare System is Corrupt!  Just because it is legal does not mean it isn’t unethical, ant […]

  • One side believes whatever government and big business says, the other believes government and big business says is a deliberate lie. Both are wrong, of course.

    And that makes Anthropogenic Climate Change the […]

  • The immigration laws would be silly in many cases if it did not affect the lives of the equivalent of the entire populations of New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago combined. But we all know these laws are not […]

  • Certain hot-button topics are just given and not open for examination.  Anthropogenic Climate Change, Vaccines, Chemtrails and Government Conspiracies  top the lists.  Whenever any of these subjects is broached al […]

  • We consider Nazis evil, but upon what is that reasoning based?  Obviously I propose Rational Existence as the yardstick but I would love to hear other proposals.  It seems to me the best argument for proof tha […]

  • The name calling and the irrational speech is on both sides. Granted one side seems much more irrational than the other, but only by acceptance of principles of logic and critical thinking will we make any […]

  • People don’t want to be educated, they want their side to win.  Only a libertarian philosophy and a critical mind cares what other people think.  But without fairness nobody really wins.

    According to a F […]

  • Our governmental system needs help.  There are systemic problems so deep in the justice industry, law making, health care, environment….  I should just list every governmental service.

    We need a change in v […]

  • We all know teenagers and youngsters who answer every statement with “I know”.  Be careful in the street “I know”.  Algebra is good for you.  Don’t eat too much.  Let’s get up extra early to tackle this job tom […]

  • If smoking causes lung cancer the same logic says swimming causes drowning.  We know how much more chance we have of getting lung cancer if we smoke vs if we don’t, generally.  But no one seems to know or care h […]

  • The fourth of July brings to Connecticut police reminders that all fireworks are illegal, even the ones you just bought in Connecticut.  I shouldn’t name names, but big stores in my town sell lots of fireworks […]

  • The simplest solution to the Health Insurance disaster is right in front of our noses.  Sell Medicaid to those who can’t get insurance elsewhere.  Offer a version of Medicaid as an optional insurance c […]

  • Now is the time we hear on the news that, for example, Illinois has not had a budget in three years, the finger pointing, the observation that congress is responsible but not accomplished in many states.

    So I […]

  • Anthropogenetic Climate Change or ACC is a prediction, a forecast, it is shown in computer models not in our weather.  CO2 is assumed to be the source of the most recent (since the 1970s) increase in global […]

  • We don’t take the time or effort to understand beyond the headlines.  Headlines suggest and we fill in the gaps without any input.  It just SHOULD be easy to understand, so we make it easy.  It isn’t true, but it […]

  • It is the simplest solution, The framework is there, just charge people on a sliding scale, the low end of the scale is already there.

    It costs about $6,500 per person per year, paid by the taxpayer and the […]

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