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Nationstar Mortgage, PO Box 650783,  Dallas TX 75265

June 12, 2014

To those with the power to reverse late fees:

I spoke with Allie and Joe at the Chandler AZ office for about a half hour this afternoon from about 2:45- 3:20 PM. In that call I learned that I have been paying my mortgage a few days late every month since my refinance with Nationstar Mortgage.  This is the first letter I am writing, but certainly not the first issue I have had with your disorganized company.  I am writing this letter because Allie and Joe refused to credit back to me late fees.  I could write all day about your tactics and disorganized manner of conducting business.

I have received only two bills from you since the refinance, one dated in February and the other March.  I received those bills on April 14th and have received none since.  I got a phone call on or about April 14th in which I explained to your representative that I would be paying the bills on two consecutive days so you don’t get confused about how to apply my payments.  I set up my bank’s bill pay service to pay you before the 15th of every month.

I have spoken many times to several Nationstar Mortgage representatives who always wanted an immediate payment over the phone for bills I have not received.  I have been told the bills were delivered via email or to the property address,  however I get all my email, and no such bills have been delivered to the property address except once, and they were the same statements I received at about the same time they were delivered to this office address.

I don’t believe it is malice that makes your company so difficult to deal with but I have no recourse but this letter.  You do not answer phone calls. Beginning in March I was getting daily or more robo calls from your offices for debt collection.  I always explained I was waiting for the statements and I was always told they could not fax, but they would mail and email the bills.  I bet I was told that a dozen times.  Often when I was not here I got messages to call you back and several times I tried to call back.  It is impossible.  Even today Allie gave me a phone number which I confirmed with her twice, and said I would try it back because I was sure it would not work.  She assured me it would.  It does not:  881-811-5279.  And of course I tried the number on the statements I received from you.  Whoever is reading this should try it some time, it is educational.

I have not received any more statements from you but the February and March statements, but I have made monthly payments according to what I believed was your payment due date.  Today I found out I was mistaken about the due date, and that you will not credit back to me late fees.  I could not possibly have known your due date until today.  Future payments will be on time because now I know, and because that is the right thing to do.  I am not acting out of fear of late fees.

I have no fear of a company such as yours.  You are more disorganized than any company I have had dealt with, and you are dangerous to those who can’t write letters like mine and appeal to authorities and fight back.  You need people to do so and then you might do the right thing.

I don’t believe it is out of malice that you treat me so badly but rather apathy and indifference to what is right.  Someone needs to challenge you from the moral high ground so you can see your unethical tactics clearly. I will take this late fee issue as high as I need to so that you will do the right thing.

I will be posting this letter and your reply on

Do the right thing and refund my late fees.

Kent Johnson. 233 East Main Street, Torrington, CT 06790

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