Blaspheme – There is no Health Food

I have blaspheme to defend:   Exercise is so much more important for health than diet as they should not be mentioned in the same breath.  Diet is NOT very important for health. Sure if you over eat or you abuse alcohol or you have a health condition like diabetes or a problem with cholesterol then diet is important to maintain health.

But if you don’t have any known health problems then there is no “health food” that anyone can prescribe for you.

If some kind of food bothers you avoid that food.  Get to know yourself and what tastes good and makes you feel healthy, but that is the best anyone can do. Exercise however, in moderation, will help anyone.  Everyone will be healthier if they become more active.

There is no magic food you can eat to be more healthy, but jumping jacks are that kind of magic.  Eat sensibly whatever you want but exercise 45 minutes a day four times a week and you will be much, much healthier than the couch tumor watching reality shows eating “health food” and supplements.

Our definition of health here is the absence of illness or injury.  If you are feeling well you are healthy, according to this.  I have no idea what definition of health we use for “health food” or that fresh grapes are more “healthy” than corn chips.  Perhaps someone can explain it to me.

Another blaspheme: honey or “natural” sweetener is not “healthier” than purified sugars or syrups.  It has been a recent development in the world psych that unprocessed is better somehow than processed.  Not long ago purified and processed was considered healthier than that which was fertilized with manure and washed in your kitchen sink.  But unless we have a definition of health we cannot know which is healthier.

Perhaps you feel better when you eat organic food, and if so then organic food is much healthier for you.  There is no reason for it that I can name, but if you feel better you are healthier.  If you don’t feel differently whether you eat a helping of cheesecake or instead an organic mango topped with fresh whipped un-pasteurized cream then neither is healthier than the other for you.

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