Against Alarmism

is called Alarmism, Your race is doing better than ever before, and you are looking for problems. That is fine, but every time your race finds clear and evident problems your race finds solutions as well. Polar bears? Wolves? Bees? And now you are crying about other insects. I like having less insects and I like warmer springs and falls. If this portends the future I am okay with that.
Population growth? Right now it is as about 1% per year. Sure it is exponential. It is growing slower than the economy. And the only solution would be to tell people which people are most valuable and cull the herd. No one wants to do that. But we are doing a good job of keeping things in check. Presumably with education and women’s empowerment we will only have those people who are valuable to us, If you know differently that would be a different discussion.
It is a disaster when power goes out and Florida doesn’t have A/C, people die. You should worry about that. People can’t come out of their caves and not because of climate change but because people don’t adapt to the climate they were born with.
People don’t find value in living within the natural system, so they change their climate in their caves and other living spaces and only have to go out briefly between one cave and the next. It doesn’t hurt the environment as much as it does your brethren. Inspire people to accept their climate. That is a calling for you, David.
Animal populations are higher than ever, none are going extinct. We are looking for problems but those problems are us. We are our problems. We don’t spread the problem, we clean up more than any human civilization ever did before, but we don’t surface. Like an ant cave the vast majority of us don’t surface.
It is only a problem if that is not how we want our lives to be.

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