Climate Change: Both Sides Wrong

Anthropogenetic Climate Change or ACC is a prediction, a forecast, it is shown in computer models not in our weather.  CO2 is assumed to be the source of the most recent (since the 1970s) increase in global warming.  Here is a NASA produced and mostly accurate but misleading video.

As you see most of the additional CO2 humans emit comes from winter heating our homes.  During the warmer months levels of CO2 are not above the norm.

And the amount of warming has varied and global temperature has been shown to correlate very precisely with global CO2 levels.  However we have not yet shown that the CO2 drives warming either locally or in the lab, much less globally.  Please if you know of any study which does this let me know.

The best we have done is shown that if we double the CO2 content in the atmosphere and all other things stay the same (both things are highly unlikely) global temperature will raise by 2 degrees Celsius.  If you want to see the math I will direct you.


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