I want to sue the EPA

Torrington will have a referendum about payment for upgrades to our sewer system.  “The damaged infrastructure requires replacement due to more stringent state mandates, which will help the infrastructure meet current code regulation and improve energy efficiency.”  It isn’t State mandates, they are Federal mandates enforced and administered by the State of Connecticut.
It doesn’t matter if we process a Trillion gallons of water daily or 1 gallon daily we are only allowed to release 248 pounds (90,000 annually) of Nitrogen and 17.3 pounds daily (6700 pounds annually) of Phosphorus.
I called Ray Drew at Water Pollution Control A? (authority?) in Torrington. EPA (Federal Regulations) are STUPID!!! Why isn’t it a percentage of the total 15,000,000,000 (15 billion) pounds of water we process annually?
Why does the US have the most inefficient and highest average gas milage in the world?  Because we require to clean a PERCENTAGE of exhaust emmisions, the opposite of what we require for water treatment.  We need at least a 1.6 liter engine just so we can drive our emmisions control devices.  Other countries can have engines that have less than a liter of displacement and still drive 6 people at 80 mph.  I drove a Hyundai like that in Cancun.  Used a lot less gas too.  If we checked our emmisions by engine size, or number of seats, or gross weight we could have MUCH cheaper and more gas efficient cars.
And the stupidest thing, the one I care about most, is that I need to pay $100,000 to prove I DON’T have to clean up my property.
And the reason I want  to sue the EPA is because all this unnecessary money people have to spend to follow the EPA rules, laws and guidelines, these laws that are NOT likely to clean up the environment, all the money we have to spend goes nearly directly into lobbying firms that get their money from those contractors who perform the unnecessary work that does NOT clean up the environment.
I want to sue for the creation of unnecessary industries that pay our lawmakers to make unnecessary and STUPID laws that do not help.
Obviously I need to think a bit more about how I can do this.  But I have been through Federal court before as a defendent, I want to do it now as plaintiff against the Federal EPA.
Any help figuring this out will be appreciated.

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