Libertarians Are Ready

Libertarians would NEVER have a $1.3 trillion budget. The other two parties miss the obvious that government only helps itself. Government is all about growing government jobs. Twenty five million government employees are lobbyists for their own jobs. Day after day they make themselves essential to their elected bosses, about 2% of the government jobs

It is complicated, yes, but it shouldn’t be. Libertarians are the only party that can simplify it. Our philosphy is that government is a service to the people. If you need something pay for it, non-profit. Pick from the menu like McDonalds and pay for what you want. If it is complicated, simplify it.

Government employees should provide a service. Working for the people should be, a sacrifice. Make the jobs five year stints as an aid to gain experience but no golden parachute.

A government job is a drag on the economy, it shuffles money from one account to another. Such a job can never be better than a job in industry because government doesn’t produce anything. It is a giant drain for taxpayer money, mainly just taking money to pay salaries and benefits.

Two years ago we all voted for a shake-up, voted for a shock, voted to change even if it isn’t the best change. But that change hasn’t come yet, even though there has been some deregulation. Trump signed the order to retire two regulations for every new one, and that is a modest goal. I wonder how it is going.

This country could stand sun-setting 20 unenforced laws for every new one. We could cut 50% of the laws we have with no impact on the people. We wouldn’t even know how much freer we were.

We have long passed the point where government has stopped enforcing their own STUPID laws because they themselves know the laws are bad. We are all criminals if we drive cars. So change the laws so they reflect the way people drive.

Why don’t we repeal those laws? Because those laws generate taxes and those taxes generate pensions and other benefits for government employees.

Libertarians have a plan. Simplify government. No pensions for government workers paid by taxpayers. Let taxes pay for government service with a transparent budget as a non-profit works, like the post office works.

If the government makes a monopoly the government can provide that service as a non-profit for some realistic competition with business. Health care, auto insurance, utilities… If business can do it better, please, do it better.

The other two parties don’t have a plan other than to turn it over to lawmakers, and I guarantee you lawmakers will not remove laws but rather make more laws.

Unless those lawmakers are Libertarian. Dismantle government. Vote libertarian this time. It only makes sense.

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