Simplify and Repeal has local interest

Any law that has not been invoked in over five years should be automatically repealed.  Sunset all new laws. If no one breaks the law we don’t need the law. If it is not enforced it does not need to be a law.
Redundant laws.  I hear it is illegal in Connecticut to rob a liquor store with a handgun.  Robbing isn’t enough.  Robbing with a handgun isn’t enough.  I don’t think we need a special law against robbing just liquor stores.

Unenforceable laws.  Police and prosecutors like the idea that we can charge people with 17 offenses when one will do. The list or unenforceable laws is endless but usually they are laws designed to regulate an activity that cannot be regulated (notably sex) or are unconstitutional (but never challenged), obscure or silly.

A personal issue with me is that many laws are require huge amounts of money to enforce.  Drugs, prostitution, gambling, traffic, immigration, drunk driving and the list goes on.  It is enough to have laws against racketeering and tax evasion, and doing harm to your fellow human beings.  Do we really need to hire police on overtime to go out and find people who violate these laws?

Prohibit tax money to advertise the silly laws we have.  If the law is so unreasonable we don’t know it is illegal then repeal the law.  I hope taxpayer dollars don’t go to educate and advertise that if I drink and break no laws before I kill someone that person is still dead. Or that I can go to jail for letting my children drink alcohol in my own home.

Repeal of laws involving victimless crimes. If we cause damage to others that should be addressed, but if there is no harm there is no crime.
Empty our prisons of all but violent offenders. Allow non-violent offenders other cheaper options to pay their “debt to society”.

Encourage competent people to defend themselves. Supply a government service where people can pay for legal advice from a non-lawyer government employee.  Allow educated non-lawyers to help with cases.  Let justice and reason into the court room in addition to the law. 

I am a fan of Michelle Cook  and recently read about and this has made me optimistic.

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