When Will We Be Free?

June 12, 1967 was the day interracial marriage became legal in the USA. Thank us all we have legalized dancing, beer, sex without money, witchcraft, most kinds of blasphemy, slavery  and eliminated most dress codes. Issues Republicans are still fighting against include gay relationships, recreational drugs, transgender issues, the equal status of immigrants and their children, poor people’s right to health care, right to privacy, sex for money, and religion.

The OBVIOUS point is, or should be,  that government should not be in the marriage or sex or drugs or religion business.  Why does the government sanction and tax a marriage with a license at the court house?  Okay, for the tax incentive to get married, the government wants to encourage marriage.  If it were only that easy to explain.

Why can’t a man marry a rock?  Because he wants the government to sanction it like if he were to marry a woman or a man.  If the government did not sanction marriage it would not be an issue.

Five European and seven Latin American countries have legalized the use of ALL DRUGS, leaving only the crimes involved with distributing controlled substances.  The problem is not the use of drugs, but rather ADDICTION which is a public health problem. All populations have one to two percent actively addicted at any given time regardless how full the prisons are.




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