Bernie Sanders is a Hater

My trouble with Bernie Sanders is he blames. It doesn’t matter if someone has a suitcase or a cargo container full of money. We all invest. What do we spend our money on? That is the question to ask.

Ownership of property and the means of production by a select few can be very bad for an economy because such things drive up costs and prices artificially.  Equally bad are prohibitive licensing and other restrictions and taxes that stop competition.  Even if the restrictions are for a good cause, like the stop dead baby fund or clean environment for everyone for ever tax.

If all residential property were controlled similarly by a select few that too can drive up prices and enrich greedy land owners.  But just the fact that a corporation has a lot of money is not necessarily a bad thing.  In fact nearly half of all taxes are paid by the so-called 1-Percenters.

If money is in our pocket or under our mattress that is bad. If it is in a bank then maybe the bank will invest it and let it move, we can hope. The money needs to move, that is what helps the economy.  It doesn’t matter if it is Joe’s money or Paul’s money or if they are rich,  very rich, or very, very rich. Use the money for something that employs people, cars, houses, renovations, new businesses, expanding old businesses… The money needs to move, that is the issue.

And spend it wisely, don’t just give it away to someone who won’t spend it wisely, like the government.

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