Why are corporations bad? I’ll tell you.

Anyone can incorporate.  In fact for some purchases and legal actions one is required by law to incorporated.  It costs about $250 a year in Connecticut for the rest of your life, or until you go bankrupt and dissolve.  If a corporation buys property and then dissolves the the property is up for grabs in the courts.

So there is the problem.  The courts.  Everything comes from lawmakers and other government employees like prosecutors, judges, police and prison guards and they are the ones who run the courts.  When a new stupid law is implemented it surely will not make the world any safer or create more justice, but rather it will expand government and ensure the livelihood of lawyers (and insurance companies, but we will get to that in a minute).

The difference between paying a tax or a utility bill if that is regulated by the government is that we can refuse to pay the utility bill.  If we refuse to pay the tax we will always owe the tax, if we refuse to pay the utility bill eventually that debt will be forgiven.

The government tells the utility company what they can charge and if we want utilities we can pay the bill.  The rate is set by the government and we are told that is better than if the government were to nationalize the utility company.  It is true that we can invest in the utility and earn dividends, but what we invest in the government is lost forever.

Don’t blame the utility company for high prices if the utility is regulated by the government.  All of us use programs and deductions and take advantage of our government whenever possible.  I would doubt the sanity of the man who knows he is eligible for a government program or tax deduction but prefers to pay the government more money.

Maybe we think the government is good and protects our interests and the government will be fair so that utility companies can’t make too much.  In theory that is it.  So who benefits by strangling the utility companies?  Well, lawmakers of course.  It isn’t just the tax payer who pays for investigations and studies and analysis of earnings to tell us all how much a regulated utility can charge us for service. Well, I take that back.  It is taxpayers who pay for investigations and analysis, but corporations pay for the misdirection and the neglect to investigate and incentive to NOT look too closely at the figures.  Perhaps avoiding investigation costs more than the investigation, but no one keeps records on the investigations and analyses that are not done.

So the problem is government regulation, or rather, the negotiation of regulation.  We all want everyone to be fair, and everyone is inclined to want more than what is fair.  And that is the crux of the problem: greed.

companies or insurance companies or lawyers.  If we have to spend money to stay alive and protect what is ours we have to.

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