Both Sides are Partisan

The name calling and the irrational speech is on both sides. Granted one side seems much more irrational than the other, but only by acceptance of principles of logic and critical thinking will we make any progress toward a non-partisan dialog in which we can address the real underlying social concerns.
Hate and name calling and mis-representing the issues of those with whom you disagree are the problems. Logic and critical thinking are the solutions. Well, and getting partisan groups to understand and accept logic and critical thinking as a viable alternative to “Free Speech” as they are calling it.
For example, who among us wants to address the real social issue of those who do not contribute to society? Who are they? How are they identified? Who is responsible for them? Why? And who has to care for them and how will they be cared for?
Obviously lumping all of “them” together without specifics as the ones who are causing problems for “us” is hate, name-calling, and mis-representation of the issues.
But if we were to address rationally the underlying social issue in direct and logical terms we would be addressing the rational problem.
Affirming the problem and looking for a solution will address the problems that have brought the undercurrent of the ultra-right movement who are named “fascists” by people in this conversation.

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