The Fairness Doctrine Is Gone Forever

People don’t want to be educated, they want their side to win.  Only a libertarian philosophy and a critical mind cares what other people think.  But without fairness nobody really wins.

According to a Facebook-spread meme the partisanship we see today is because Reagan vetoed a Democrat sponsored bill (not named in the meme) the 100th Congress in 1987,  Senate Bill 742 introduced by Ernest Hollings (Democrat from South Carolina):

“To clarify the congressional intent concerning, and to codify, certain requirements of the Communications Act of 1934 that ensure that broadcasters afford reasonable opportunity for the discussion of conflicting views on issues of public importance.”

According to this view the reason we are more partisan today is due to Reagan vetoing this bill which would have directed the FCC to require broadcast media to provide both sides of issues of public importance.

It used to be called “Equal Time” but it never required an equal amount of time.

In a free market, Republicans presumably presume, if there is a need for something it will appear.  Like if there is a need for a rebuttal to an argument someone will provide it.

So this is an epitome issue: Dems believe “Equal Time” should be regulated and enforced, Repubs think the market will provide “Equal Time” if it is worthy.

Vetoed on June 19, 1987. The veto message was laid
before the Senate and printed as S. Doc. 100-10. (133
Gong. Rec. 16989). The Senate agreed to a motion on
June 23, 1987, by a vote of 53 yeas to 45 nays to refer
the veto message to the Committee on Commerce,
Science, and Transportation. (133 Cong. Rec. 17002).
Veto unchallenged. 

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