Government For Sale

We sell the finest governments on earth.  Depending on the model government you purchase, we can keep corruption and infrastructure decay to a minimum, and optionally improve social services and clean up the environment.

Recently our company has been under attack for selling our excellent product to nations and territories where controls have been lost.  But our product is a very good government, and if it is used as directed we will warranty our government for a full ten years.

Our warranty is void, however, when our product subverted.  Look at the examples. In Quebec things run on time, no violence in the streets, not at lot of overspending on Government services, taxes are low, businesses are growing.  The USA has been considering our product as well, but they have trouble with corruption at the top, too many high paid politicians and not enough tax base, so our models show they need to cut government spending, reduce the number of prisoners and government employees for our government to work for them.

In the US laws favor lawyers, insurance companies and government workers too much for our governments to work.  We require that the government take control of health care and energy or to leave it to market systems.  In the US there is too much government meddling for it to work.


One thought on “Government For Sale”

  1. I think we have enough laws. A town near me recently outlawed confetti. When confetti is outlawed only outlaws have confetti. It cheapens the whole criminal justice system to have so many criminals, such a large portion of the population in prisons, so many silly things illegal, so many lawyers and judges and government employees dependent on convictions, and such a large population of “illegals” off the grid, avoiding authorities, working with friends, families and employers, shops all of whom loyal to each other, because the government holds no trust for them.

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