Manifesto: these are the principles

Simplify and Repeal is under construction.  This site will be devoted to repealing stupid laws and simplifying our legal system.

It is an economic question.  Are more efficient legal systems better for everyone?  Or is it a good thing that lawyers, lawmakers, insurance companies, highly regulated industries such as utilities, transportation, construction, and drugs, as well as all government employees and increasingly advertisers, take our money for the greater good and for the intangible benefit of the taxpayer and all other citizenry?

Simply put, is it good to redistribute taxpayer wealth to lawyers, insurance, and advertisers?  Obviously we can’t stop giving taxpayer money to lawmakers and other government employees.

Simplifyandrepeal does not think this is a good use of taxpayer resources.  We support a ban on taxpayer money to all advertising and cutting ties to insurance companies and lawyers.

The government stacks the cards and we all follow along.  No one can have a waterslide in their pool because if someone gets hurt it will cost them their livelihood for the rest of their days.  A man can’t rent his horse for a vacationer to ride for a few hours without a million waivers and a heck of a lot of money. We can loan but not rent a car, house, bicycle or computer because if we rent that is income and the government, insurance companies, advertisers and the rest have to get their legally purchased percentage. That is the American way.

Do a majority of us agree that we should band together to pay advertisers to tell parents about jailtime if they don’t sufficiently lock up their liquor?  Would it be unreasonable for a man to kill a cop so he doesn’t go back to jail for not wearing a seatbelt?  Does anyone doubt that is the direction we are headed? Simplifyandrepeal believes life is better, the economy is stronger and people are happier when the government does not legislate spitting on the sidewalks.  Sure it is disgusting, and we can have a law about causing a health hazard, but really!  Make our laws reasonable and simple for us all to understand.

Without a movement like simplifyandrepeal we will continue to see copyright laws demanding $100,000 dollars for every COPY of a photograph or song whether you knew you were a pirate or not.  Your Android could hold billions of dollars worth of piracy without you knowing it.  That is the American way. This is justified by saying, well, it was not intended to make YOU pay billions of dollars to BMI music publishers but rather as a vague deterrent that will be administered reasonably by a judge.  REALLY?  I have been sued, and I know better. 

Are we free when we don’t even know what is legal and what isn’t?  If you own a gun I am sure you know the myriad laws pertaining to that ownership.  And if you don’t, you know that ignorance of the law is no excuse.   In Connecticut, for example, if you rob a liquor store with a gun you are charged with that crime in addition to being charged with robbing, armed robbing, robbing a business, and who knows what else.  Why?  It is the American way.  Everything is legal unless there is a law against it.  That is freedom.  The problem is there is a law against most things.  More often there are four of five laws against it.

Why is the government in the sex and drug and gambling businesses?  The simple answer is for the taxes.  But the history shows that we the people did not want others to enjoy sex and drugs and gambling for various reasons and we asked the government to curtail such activity thankyouverymuch.  And lawmakers and lawyers were happy to oblige.

Simplifyandrepeal advocates revoking any law that has not been invoked in over five years.  If no one breaks the law we don’t need the law.


All laws that have not been invoked in over five years


Redundant laws


Unenforceable laws


Simplify laws to allow justice into the justice system


Repeal of laws involving victimless crimes


Empty our prisons of all but violent offenders


Prohibit tax money to advertise laws


More about all these subjects and more soon.



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