Only Good Ideas

This is a clearing house for good ideas.  For example, why not charge for immigration?  We have citizenship and residency that we can sell, and in the mean time Mexican coyotes and human smugglers are cleaning up getting money that could go to the public. We can make money on our borders instead of spending billions on walls and police actions against our neighbors.  If someone is here illegally let them pay a fine or leave, their choice.  If you don’t know about our present immigration law, well, shame on you.  Everyone knows the system is broken and will not be fixed by deporting 11 million people.


Prohibit tax dollars to be used to educate the public.  Ban Public Service Announcements paid by taxpayers.  If the law is so stupid that people don’t know what is or is not illegal, and a sign isn’t good enough, then simplify or repeal the damn law.  Let our Justice System work.  We should defend against stupid law by the simple fact that they are stupid. 


We all distrust all our politicians and we do not doubt there are thousands of laws that are just stupid and never can be or should be enforced.  Repeal all laws that have not been invoked in  the last three years.   We all know about stupid laws that only serve to make tax payers pay more.


And why not make money on drugs like we do with alcohol and gambling?  Tax drugs.  And prostitution is the silliest thing to regulate.  We are free to have sex with whomever we want so long as no money changes hands.  Regulating, sanctioning and making sex difficult is a good thing.  But does anyone think that making a law against sex will stop sex?  We should not legislate against the  impossible.  We won’t stop immigration, sex, drugs or gambling but we try and spend lots of money trying.


Instead of thinking we can stop a thing by making it illegal instead tax it, regulate it, make people think twice about it, but prohibiting it is just stupid.  Like we want to slow down the generation of greenhouse gasses, so we talk about taxing those who use them.  It is a good idea, but not popular because we all want to burn fuels in our automobiles, stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners…  We cannot and should not prohibit green house gasses.  And the approach we use to keep them down should be the same approach we use to curb sex, drugs, immigration, and gambling.  Let’s top fooling ourselves into thinking we don’t have prostitution, gambling, drugs or people crossing our borders.  Let’s stop deluding ourselves that we can stop those things.  The best way to handle it is to slow it, to regulate, to tax it, to help those who get in trouble with sex, drugs, gambling and immigration with the money from those who can pay for sex, drugs, gamgling and immigration.


How long is our border fence now?  The border is nearly 2000 miles.  The Berlin Wall was about 87 miles.  The Great Wall of China is over 5000 miles long, but was begun in 223 BC and took nearly 2000 years to complete.  Although it had its uses in history it is now a useless, though marvelous, relic.  People on both sides of the wall are in the same nation.  We have militarized a peaceful border using tax dollars that are not designated for the military.  How is Homeland Security not Military?  Only in politics.


So why do we think it is a good idea to militarize our border with Mexico?  Because people might cross it illegally.  Ha.  You probably think you can stop drugs, sex, gambling and rap music as well.




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  1. Common sense: don’t give alcohol to minors. Do we need laws to fine, jail and otherwise punish people for giving alcohol to minors? Okay, too late we have those laws. So now do we need to spend taxpayer money for advertising to tell everyone that it is illegal to give alcohol to kids in your own home and you might be jailed for that?

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