Republicans are jerks: there I said it.

Where is the Republican to stand up and debate Republican support for immigration laws that don’t control immigration, drug use laws that don’t control drug users, health care laws that make our health care system double the most expensive health care in the world, mandatory insurances…  I mean, our laws don’t serve the people, they serve industry.  And Republicans support the bad laws and oppose the good laws.

Health care?  Who knows why the system is so complicated.  Perhaps it is good for the economy to purposefully make complicated laws and procedures, to force us all to hire professionals, lawyers, insurance companies, tax specialists, anything that spreads our money around.  Perhaps there is a master plan, but I doubt it.

In the case of health insurance my doctor apparently charges me three times what he wants to earn so that he can get the maximum my insurance company will pay. I am not sure, I am only reading between the lines, but on the bill he charges a huge amount, then discounts it.  I am guessing insurance says they will pay, say, 75% up to a maximum of some figure.  He charges high so that he will reach that figure.




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