Simple Republican Test

There is a way of doing arithmetic taught in schools these days called common core.


When we learn simple adding and subtracting we retain the skill not realizing how.  When we write a number and another under it with the addition or the subtraction function in mind we don’t realize our algorithm, and we hardly realize there are other ways to perform the same function.

Children in school on the other hand have not yet learned the algorithm and need to be taught.  So they are, and teachers need to evaluate their learning,  So the students write down the process.

Enter politics: That isn’t how I wrote arithmetic when I was in school and I turned out alright.  So should there be a new process?  Is there even a new process?

In my mind these days there is hardly a worse word any person could call another than Republican.  In my mind only a Republican would complain about a new arithmetic taught in grade school.


The idea is to be able to think about numbers differently, some say in a more basic and helpful fashion, than traditional arithmetic.

Those who resist this way of doing things and believe that the tried and true way is simpler merely do not understand common core.

Those who resist and ridicule what they don’t understand  are Republican.  And I can prove it.  Will get back to this later.

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