Republicans will never be satisfied with Obama

We are illegal immigration neutral.  Efforts to seal the border are working and as many undocumented visitors and residents are leaving the USA as are arriving.  Just the border with Mexico has over 350 million crossings a year.

It is as though more than the entire population of the USA, as if every single one of us crossed every year, and then some.  And that doesn’t count the Norther border, all the coasts, and the nearly 200 international airports.  To think there would be no mistakes or cheating is like estimating tax fraud.  Does every single American follow every single tax law?

Do we need to spend $50 billion a year on enforcement of tax law?  This what Obama spends on immigration enforcement, more than the FBI, CIA, ATF, DEA, Secret Service and Marshals combined.  The IRS spends $11 billion.

At some point we have to say we are doing a good job.  Isn’t that when we know that illegal immigration is at a standstill?

It seems Obama has an inferiority complex.  He does everything the Republicans want, and they still scare him like a kid in the schoolyard.

Republicans love to call people “illegals”.  They do not care that it is not accurate. They say only liberals want to be politically correct by not calling a spade a spade.  But the laws are not broken, people are innocent until proven guilty, it has nothing to do with PC but rather accuracy.  There is a dirtier word to call people: Republican.  Spit the word out with hate in your voice, like you are a Republican who is saying “illegal immigrant”.  When you call someone a Republican you are most likely a lot more accurate than they are when they pick someone pretty much at random, someone who is not fat and white, and calls them “illegal”.

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