Stupid Stuff You Have To Do

So I paid a retainer of $8,000 to a HRP that is more than happy to do the research for me to find the property that abutts my property.  I had to put a legal announcement in the paper, which cost about $2.50 a line per day, or $65 for the wording I am required to use, whereas a car ad costs $19 a week.  The very nice young woman, recently a grandmother (and her oldest child is just now graduating High School) tells me she does not get commission on legal ads, has no idea why they are so much…

I know the owners of the property on each side of me, and I wrote their letters which have to be sent certified.  But HRP says, wait a minute, you need to notify those on the other side of the highway in front and the river behind the property as well.  Fine, but since there is not line in common, how many of the properties on the other side of the highway and across the river.  HRP sent a picture of the property with lines, like this property and this property and this one…   I know they are not kidding, but I also know there is no requirement for this, they just want to do something on their own initiative to be sure everything is okay.

So I go to the town hall, what a hoot.  They initiate the conversation saying of course they can’t help with research like mine, but use this book to find your property, put this number in here, hey, Andy how come this number doesn’t work?  There are three of them now trying to figure out why the computer doesn’t take the numbers.  I show them numbers I have from the Clerks office from a very similar book but no, that is the parallel book and map and the page numbers and sections and lots are different.

I would say they should make a law to require this to be simpler, but NO MORE LAWS.  It should be self evident to the entire town that this system is not working.


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